A little about how I got here…

Well, well, well…who would’ve thought?  I guess I now truly know the meaning to “you can do anything you put your mind to!”  As a child, I always fantasized about being an Author – throughout my teen years, I wrote poetry.  It was an escape for me, a way to deal with situations in my life – love, loss, heartache – but somewhere along the way (right around my early 20’s) I seem to have become distracted by ‘life’.  I was going to college, working, living on my own,  partying with my friends when I wanted to, exploring all the freedom that comes with ‘being an adult’, and somehow, as the years progressed, my creative spark just sort of faded away.  I stopped writing and I completely forgot how good it felt to just create!

Fast-forward a few (ok…maybe more like almost 20) years, and here I am – publishing my first children’s book, creating art, starting my own website (WHAT?!?) and really, just rediscovering who I AM as a person (not who I thought everyone else wanted or needed me to be), and you know what?  It feels AMAZING!  I’m not going to say it’s not scary, or intimidating, but it’s a different type of ‘scary’ – it’s more like exhilarating!  I’m learning to let go and just jump! I’m learning to say ‘YES’ way more often! I’m doing things that I wouldn’t have done even a year ago, and now I can’t believe I waited this long!

Looking back, I realize the funny thing is, the first thing that lead me to write all those years ago, was the same thing that lead me to pick up my notebook and pen and to write again – heartache. Though this time, it was of a different kind.  And this time, I (luckily) had a new perspective on pretty much everything.

After spending a day with a good friend (who is the kindest, sweetest, purest soul you could ever meet), I immediately came home and wrote ‘Teddy the helpful ladybug’.  It just flowed through my pen, like it used to before.  And I realize now, that was the start of my healing process.  There was a lot more involved in healing than simply writing the story, but it was definitely the catalyst that brought me to where I am today, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I hope that you all pick up a copy of Teddy the helpful ladybug when it’s released and that you enjoy sharing it with the little ones in your life.  I feel like we can all use a few more ‘Teddy’s’ in this world, and I hope this story can help us all to be a little more Teddy-ish!

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